Archaeological work along the waterfront in Old Town has led to new insights into 18th century Alexandria. Recent discoveries include remnants of four ships, as well as evidence of an intricate network of wharves and piers created when Alexandrians were filling in the area to extend the shoreline out into the Potomac River. Together, the ships and wharves are a valuable and extremely rare data source for maritime historians and archaeologists.

Arlington’s history is inextricably linked to the history of its closest Virginia port, Alexandria City, The two were a single body until 1870 when Alexandria City separated from the more rural Alexandria County. Alexandria County was renamed Arlington in 1920.

Our speaker is Dr. Benjamin Skolnik. He is an archaeologist for the City of Alexandria’s Archaeology division. Dr. Skolnik’s work includes managing the City’s Archaeology Digital Atlas, and research of maritime history, 19th century plantations and landscapes of enslavement, and the domestic slave trade.

This event is part of a series of free monthly public events provided by the Arlington Historical Society. Since the pandemic curtailed live events, AHS has provided them free to the public via Zoom.  This event was held via Zoom on July 8, 2021.