Board of Directors


  • Cathy Hix: President
  • Robert White: Vice-President and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Gerry Laporte: Secretary and County HALRB Liaison
  • John H. Tuohy: Treasurer


  • Haley Anderson
  • George Axiotis
  • Annette Benbow: Chair, Ball-Sellers House Committee
  • Mark Benbow: Museum Director
  • Tom Dickinson
  • Gerald Haines
  • Tracy Hopkins: Chair, Membership Committee
  • Jessica Kaplan
  • Elise Milstein
  • Dakota Springston
  • Karl VanNewkirk

Other Key Personnel

  • Arlington Historical Magazine Editor: Max L. Gross
  • Arlington Historical Museum Curator: Haley Wallace
  • Arlington Historical Museum Docent Coordinator: Matthew Keough
  • Arlington Historical Museum Shop Manager: Eleanor Pourron
  • Ball-Sellers House Resident Caretaker: Margaret Wagner
  • Communications: Susan Webber
  • Friends of Hume School Liaison: Chick Walter
  • Newsletter Editor: Dakota Springston
  • Public Program Manager: Annette Benbow
  • Website Administrators: Annette Benbow, Johnathan Thomas