2022-2023 Arlington Historical Society, Arlington Virginia

Board of Directors


  • Cathy Hix: President
  • David Pearson: Vice President
  • Sean Denniston: Secretary
  • John H. Tuohy: Treasurer


  • Catherine Aselford
  • Annette Benbow
  • Charles Clark
  • Tom Dickinson
  • Del. Patrick Hope
  • Tracy Hopkins
  • Jessica Kaplan
  • Sandy Newton
  • Michael Schaffner
  • Dale Smith
  • Dr. Mark Benbow: Museum Director

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Other Key Personnel

  • Arlington Historical Magazine Editor: Jessica Kaplan
  • Arlington Historical Museum Docent Coordinator: David Pearson
  • Ball-Sellers House Director: Annette Benbow
  • Chair, County Partnership Committee: Patrick Hope
  • Chair, Educational Outreach: Jessica Kaplan
  • Chair, Events Committee: Annette Benbow
  • Chair, Finance Committee: John Tuohy
  • Chair, Fundraising Committee: Catherine Aselford
  • Chair, Membership Committee: Tracy Hopkins
  • Chair, Museum Committee: Mark Benbow
  • Chair, Preservation Committee: Charlie Clark
  • Collections Manager: Karen Edgerton
  • Communications Manager: Susan Webber
  • Friends of Hume School Liaison: Chick Walter
  • Website Administrators: Annette Benbow, Johnathan Thomas, David Fox

To contact any of these key AHS personnel, please email: info@arlingtonhistoricalsociety.org and the communications manager will ensure that each individual receives it.