Welcome to the Arlington Historical Society Education webpage. This is your portal to learning and teaching others about Arlington history. This portal is for teachers, parents, and learners of every age and local history topic interest. It’s all part of the mission of the Arlington Historical Society (AHS) to strengthen our community through a better understanding of our past. To help you and to give you learning options, it is organized into four areas:

LEARNING ACTIVITIES: This page has educational activities in both English and Spanish for:

  • Younger students
  • Teens and adults

VIDEOS: AHS uses our Arlington Historical Society You Tube channel for local history videos. You can see all recordings of our monthly lectures as well as some key local history topics, oral histories, and interviews recorded by others. Subscribe (free!) to the AHS channel to get updates.

RESOURCES: This page is organized by historical era or topic. Each topic has activities, videos, images, and lessons so that learners can find subjects that fascinate them and ways to learn that excite them!

MUSEUM TOURS: AHS has two museums, you can get started by visiting our webpages on both of them:

Besides showing the entire history of Arlington in our museums, we offer tours on specific topics. This page also has virtual tours and virtual exhibits as well as ways to explore the artifacts and the museums in real life.

SPEAKERS BUREAU: AHS is fortunate to be able to tap a group of local historians to speak on a variety of local history topics to your students or your organization. We have some topics already available and more under development. Just ask!