A local historian friend and current host of PreservationArlington.org, Eric Dobson, sent me this 1954 story about John Carl Parks, a troubled young man who threatened his mother multiple times and eventually killed an Arlington County Police Officer who had come to the Parks’ house on North Taylor Street to serve a warrant.  Most of this collection is made up of a newspaper articles covering the story and cropped to fit on pages so they’re legible.  In the article you’ll learn about the slain officer who became the second in Arlington history to lose his life in the line of duty; the first was Special Police Officer Louis Shaw in 1935.

It’s interesting that two persons named in the following articles have Collections of their own on our A.H.S. website – see if you can find the names and their Collections.  Just another reminder that Arlington really is a small town.

Thanks Eric, I’m sure our viewers will find this tragic story as interesting as we did.