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Book: Campaign for Woman Suffrage in Virginia, The




In 1920, Virginia’s General Assembly refused to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution to grant women the vote. Virginia’s suffragists lost. Or did they? When the thirty-sixth state ratified the amendment, women gained voting rights across the nation. Virginia suffragists were a part of that victory, although their role has been nearly forgotten. They marched in parades, rallied at the state capitol, spoke to crowds on street corners, staffed booths at fairs, lobbied legislators, picketed the White House and even went to jail. The Campaign for Woman Suffrage in Virginia reveals how women created two statewide organizations to win the right to vote. At the centenary of the movement, these remarkable women can at last be recognized for their important contributions.

Authors Brent Tarter and Marianne E. Julienne are editors of the Library of Virginia’s Dictionary of Virginia Biography project.  Author Barbara C. Batson is the exhibitions coordinator at the Library of Virginia.

  • Paperback, 208 pages with index, bibliography, endnotes, and an appendix of  names of Virginia suffragists and anti-suffragists
  • Publisher: The History Press, 2020

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