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Living Diversity collects work by the Columbia Pike Documentary Project, a team of photographers and interviewers who have captured the evolving life of the people and places that make up this historic corridor in Arlington, Virginia, immediately adjacent to the nation’s capital.

Five gifted photographers have collaborated to document the essence of the place they call home. Older, established ways of life are still in place along the Pike, flourishing alongside those of large numbers of citizens from every corner of the planet. Unlike in many parts of the world, or even in our own country, a stunningly diverse set of people live here in relative harmony.

The book depicts historical, artistic, demographic, and cultural trends in this unique community, trends that are mirrored, in one stage or another, in other areas of the nation. Visually, it offers an avenue for understanding the soul of this successful experiment in tolerance and diversity. An exploration, a celebration, a gritty and thought-provoking journey, the book is also a series of quietly expressed questions posed by each photographer. Their eyes, hearts, and minds were opened throughout this seven-year journey–they trust yours will be also.

This book is dedicated to the memory and spirit of local historian, Sara Collins (1929-2014), a long time resident of Columbia Pike

It is written by Lloyd Wolf, Duy Tran, Paula Endo, Xang Mimi Ho, and Aleksandra Lagkueva.

  • Lloyd Wolf is an award winning photographer with work held in the Library of Congress, the Museum of Jewish Heritage, and numerous other institutions. His work has been exhibited in over 100 national and international exhibitions. He has worked for The Washington Post Magazine, National Geographic Explorer, People, and Vogue. He has produced three previous books of photography and has taught at George Mason University, Shepherd College, and to homeless and immigrant youth.
  • Duy Tran is a graduate of the Art Institute of Washington and was a member of the Columbia Heights West Teen Photo Project. His work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian, FOTOWEEKDC, Artisphere, Flux, and the Ellipse Art Center. His photographs are included in the book Portraits from the Pike: A Celebration of Community.
  • Paula Endo is a documentary and fine art photographer and teacher, a third generation Japanede American whose fmaily was interned during World War II. She earned her Master of Arts in Teaching in Fine Arts from Harvard in 1979. She founded the Columbia Heights West Teen Photo Project.
  • Xang Mimi Ho holds a Masters in Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Arts. She was chosen first place winner in a national juried exhibition for young artists with disabilities for the Kennedy Center’s Very Special Arts program. She is an alumna of the Columbia Heights West Teen Photo Project and has taught photography at George Mason University, the Art Institute of Washington, and Northern Virginia Community College.
  • Aleksandra Lagkueva is an award-winning photographer and videographer with a degree in fine art. Her work has been exhibited at the Northern Virginia Community College’s Tyler Gallery, the Artisphere, and in galleries in Washington, D.C.

Publishing Details

  • Hardcover, large format, 174 pages with appendix of Columbia Pike Facts and Figures
  • Published by the University of Virginia Press, 2015.

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