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Book: History by Headlines: Wakefield High School (1953-2013)



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The authors of this book describe this book this way:  “This history of Wakefield High School was first created in 2003 in celebration of Wakefield’s fifty years of service to Arlington. It has been expanded in honor of the school’s sixtieth anniversary, which coincides with the demolition of the old building and the opening of the new building.  The school and people associated with Wakefield over the past sixty years have made numerous and diverse contributions.

“A review of student newspapers, yearbooks, and other documents was used to produce this history. There is no way it can be considered complete. It is, however, intended to provide highlights from Wakefield’s history that seemed significant.”

This history was written by Conchita Saulmon Mitchell ’66 with support from Susan Saulman Trice ’63, David Mitchell ’65, John Abbott, ’63, Peggy Linden Johnson ’66, and Ruth Goltzer (parent).  The color photographs at the end of the book were taken by John Abbott ’65, Tom Dunn ’59, Pam Kleczek ’73, and Tashina Veney ’92. They captured the building from the autographed basement walls under the stage to locker rooms, the music room, bathrooms, halls ways, and everywhere in between. Other photographs were from yearbooks or newspapers.

Publishing details:

  • Paper back, large format, 144 pgs
  • Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013

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