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Book: Four Mile Run Land Grants



This book presents the history of the Northern Neck grants for the present-day counties of Alexandria, Loudoun, and Fairfax, Virginia. Stetson’s comprehensive work still stands as the bedrock for historical studies on Arlington, Alexandria, and Northern Virginia.

The author, Charles W. Stetson, describes the history of the tracts in terms of the inhabitants and subsequent deeds, chancery cases and other related documents up to the late 1800s. He also recounts some genealogies of early landholders. Chapters are grouped in four sections: The Howsing Patent, Washington Forest, Simon Pearson’s Patents, and The Ball Patents. An index to full-names, places, and subjects completes this work helping to make it essential for anyone who wants to know more about the early history of landowning in colonial and early Virginia.

  • Paperback: 142 pgs
  • Publisher: Heritage Books

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