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This book was compiled from a series of articles that appeared weekly in the editorial pages of the Northern Virginia Sun, beginning in March 1957. This book is beautifully illustrated with 190 photographs. Here are two quotes from peers of the era. This book is out of print. All copies have wear.

“Mrs. Templeman has rendered an inestimable service to the present generation and future posterity in her painstaking and capable assembling of ‘Arlington Heritage.’  By far, it is the most valuable single contribution to Arlington historical preservation that has yet been made and a copy of her work should be in the hands of every Arlingtonian and those interested in history generally.” – Robert N. Anderson, President, Arlington Historical Society, 1959

“There is no substitute for the first-hand appreciative knowledge of the local historian; and in Eleanor Lee Templeman, we have a dedicated expert who is recording the history of that county, Arlington, which has so many ties with the history of our nation.”  – Richard H. Howland, President, National Trust for Historic Preservation (1956-1960)

The author, Eleanor lee Templeman, had deep roots in Virginia although she was born in Washington, D.C. and spent her formative years in California. She was the great-great granddaughter of Richard Bland Lee, first Congressman from Northern Virginia. She was also the direct descendant of Mayor John Roberts of Alexandria who hosted Pierre Lafayette when he visited Alexandria in 1824.

Mrs. Templeman and her husband lived in Arlington starting in 1950 until her death in 1990. She extensively researched Arlington’s history to present a history of Arlington’s interesting past.  She was a founding member of the Arlington Historical Society in 1956.

This book is out of print and the copy you receive will be gently-used.

  • Hardcover: Large format, 200 pages with index
  • Publisher: Privately published by the author, 1959,

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