Featured Stories

In honor of Black History month, we bring you stories from the African-American experience in Arlington.

  • The Guide to the African-American Heritage of Arlington County, Virginia is a brochure recently published was written and designed by County historic preservation planner John Liebertz and features new information about African American historic neighborhoods, sites, buildings, and people. Rare historic photographs, maps, letters and first-hand personal accounts highlight both the courage and trials of African American Arlingtonians.
  • A Journey from Freedman’s Village is an interactive blog by historian LindseyBestebreurtje that lets you choose your own path from Freedman’s Village.
  • “William Syphax: Community Leader” is an article from the archives of the Arlington Historical Magazine written by past AHS president Evelyn Reid Syphax.
  • “The Destruction of East Arlington” is the video of one the most memorable AHS public programs. Dr. Nancy Perry tells the moving story of the loss of an Arlington community.  We also hear from the former residents themselves as they describe their lives before, during, and after the Pentagon claimed their homes.
  • “It’s Just Me: The Integration of the Arlington Public Schools” is the documentary of Arlington County’s effort to desegregate its schools in 1965.
  • “Lunch Counter Sit-Ins” is an article written by Charlie Clark and published in the Falls Church New Press “Our Man in Arlington” column.  The article describes the hatefulness surrounding the protestors and the bravery they demonstrated.