Many Arlingtonians have prepared histories tailored to their own neighborhoods, most—but not all of them—for civic associations. Below in the neighborhood names are links to online versions for our county’s communities available as of February 2023, plus history write-ups on some schools and religious communities. These may have been produced by the school, an alum, or published in The Arlington Historical Magazine. The Arlington Historical Society encourages additional efforts.

AHS Board member, local historian, and author, Charlie Clark assembled this collection of neighborhood, school, and religious communities. In the summer of 2023 Clark (with help from Sean Denniston and Marty Suydam) added available links to churches and temples. If you know of others, please email:

Click on the name of the neighborhood, school, or religious community for its history. Beneath each name are any available additional history resources.

If you want to interact with this neighborhood map, go to the Arlington County webpage.



Religious Communities