Memorializing the Enslaved In Arlington, 1669-1865

Photograph: Courtesy of National Park Service

Researchers for Memorializing the Enslaved have uncovered a large amount of information on the enslaved people of Arlington including many names, dates, and locations of bondage, and when possible, familial relationships. This information has been compiled into a spreadsheet and made available for browsing.

A future goal of Memorializing the Enslaved in Arlington is to physically mark the locations in the county where slavery occurred with plaques or “stumbling stones” that provide the names of the enslaved person and whenever possible, birth and death dates.  This spreadsheet contains the data necessary for these markers. To provide historical context for collected data, Slavery in Arlington, Virginia: A Timeline has also been created. Highlighted in the timeline are important laws concerning slavery, county jurisdictional changes, major historical events, and slavery related statistics.

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