The Ball-Sellers House is Arlington Virginia’s oldest house. Built in the 1750s by a farmer, it is a rare example of a middle class colonial dwelling. By some miracle, it has survived for over 270 years with an original roof in tact! The history that has unfolded in the house is connected to Arlington’s history and to the history of the United States. From our agricultural past to the Ciivil War and expansion of the railroads, through World War One and Women’s Suffrage, the house’s inhabitants were a part of our shared history. Watch and get to know the history through a personal lens and if you’re ever in Arlington from spring through the fall, stop by the house at 1:00 on a Saturday (April through October). Produced through the facilities of Arlington Independent Media.

Special thanks to the the Monumental City Ancient Fife and Drum Corps who performed at the season opening in 2019 and to Dakota Springston, historical reenactor of John Ball.