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Walks With Charley: Sniffing Arlington Ridge History and Mystery



Author Marty Suydam has written about Arlington Ridge in Arlington, Virginia as a personal exploration of his historic neighborhood with his best friend, Charley. When you walk a dog several miles a day in the same general area, you encounter many things that can be missed when you are alone, just walking, or driving a car. With a dog, you must stop and attend to the duties of the dog. The shared journey is the important thing, not getting somewhere. You must stop and wait for sniffing expeditions.

Since they traverse the area a couple times a day, even if they have passed a location hundreds of times, they see something new, even things as large as houses.  Suydam has captured these observations in a series of short vignettes that can be quickly read and easily understood. The stories relate here and now to yesteryear with the help of Charley. This book first introduces the reader to Charley and then to the ridge geographically to take you along on their walks together.


  • Paperback: 141 pages
  • Publisher: Independently published, 2nd ed., 2020

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