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Book: Images of America: Civil War Graves of Northern Virginia



Many reminders of the Civil War were left behind in Northern Virginia for future generations to ponder. Also left behind were the graves of those who took part in the tumultuous events of war. Northern Virginia is a treasure house of history, perhaps more so than any other part of the country. One unique way of experiencing that history is by visiting one of the region s many historic cemeteries. Cemeteries have been called open-air museums, and every gravestone has a story to tell. There are some 1,000 cemeteries in Northern Virginia, ranging from small family plots to huge national cemeteries covering hundreds of acres. Many of these cemeteries contain the remains of Civil War veterans. This book is not meant to be an inclusive survey of every cemetery in the region, but rather it is a presentation of the Civil War history of Northern Virginia through the medium of cemeteries.”

  • Paperback: 130 pages
  • Publisher: Arcadia, 2017

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