On May 12 members of the Arlington Historical Society came together at their annual meeting to elect officer and members of the board of directors. Officer for the 2022-2023 year are:

  • President: Cathy Hix
  • Vice-President: David Pearson
  • Secretary: Sean Denniston
  • Treasurer: John Tuohy

Members of the 2022-2023 AHS Board of Directors are:

  • Catherine Aselford
  • Annette Benbow
  • Charles Clark
  • Tom Dickinson
  • Patrick Hope
  • Tracy Hopkins
  • Jessica Kaplan
  • Sandy Newton
  • Michael Schaffner
  • Dale Smith

Click here to read a brief biography of each officer and Board member.

For the first time, the annual AHS members meeting was held as a hybrid meeting both virtually (via Zoom) and in-person at the Reinsch Library Auditorium on the Main Campus of Marymount University. For the past two years, AHS members met entirely online but this year AHS used both fora. Attendees were about half virtual and half-in-person.

After the meeting, Charlie Clark discussed “Lost Arlington County” highlighting long lost homes, businesses, and entertainment venues. He also discussed different types of preservation, the challenges of preservation today, and the preservation effort AHS launched earlier this year to raise awareness and educate homeowners, builders, and realtors.