The Warren G. Stambaugh Memorial Foundation and the Arlington Historical Society are pleased to present this tribute to the Legacy of Warren G. Stambaugh and Fundraiser for the Arlington Historical Society Building Fund.

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I Remember Warren

This video is closed captioned in English. To see the closed captioning, after opening the video, click on the CC icon in the lower right of the video and make sure the closed captioning is on.

Throughout his life, Delegate Warren Stambaugh was a passionate advocate on behalf of those who needed a chance to succeed and someone to protect their rights – particularly persons with disabilities.  In 1985, Warren was the author and patron of the Virginians with Disabilities Act – an historic first for our nation and the model for the federal Americans with Disabilities Act enacted in 1990.  He was also deeply committed to Arlington and its rich history.

In that tradition, the Arlington Historical Society (AHS) is dedicated to the creation of a first-class museum reflecting Arlington history and the accomplishments of its citizens such as Delegate Stambaugh – a museum that we can all be proud of and one which is fully accessible to all who choose to visit.  The existing museum and Hume School, where it is housed, require a total overhaul to meet that challenge.  Accomplishing this will require the support of state and local government, the business community and persons such as you.

As a start, AHS has contracted with Milner Associates, a highly-praised firm dedicated to historical preservation, to conduct a study of what is – what should be – and how we get there.  Starting in September, we have worked to raise the $50,000 necessary to conduct this analysis.  We are pleased to report that due to the contributions of generous citizens such as you and the business community we have raised nearly $40,000!  In short, we are close to fulfilling our immediate objective.

If you have yet to contribute to this worthy effort – please do so.

If you have already contributed – thank you for your support.  (Also, please consider a second donation.)  In any case, we hope you enjoy the presentation on the 14th or thereafter and gain an increased appreciation of what we hope to accomplish.  In closing, we wish you and yours health and happiness in the New Year.

We are thankful for the many donors and corporate sponsors of this event. A full list is included in the presentation.