AHS found this film footage on Ebay. It was identified as 1965 and was described as being in Arlington, Virginia. AHS posted it on our Facebook page and viewers identified it as a home in north Arlington that had a ton of azalea bushes. We have learned from viewers that this was filmed in the 3200 block of Ohio Street in North Arlington.

Several Arlingtonians have told us that they remembered walking by or in this beautiful garden in the spring time in their youth. They remember that in the spring the owners posted a small “the garden is open” type of sign inviting neighbors and friends to walk through the azaleas. Some remember the owners also having a Japanese style garden that they also let people walk in. The film captures a walk in the garden in 1965.

Today, many of the azaleas are gone and the landscaping, though still attractive, is more manicured with more lawn and far fewer azaleas.

(There is no audio to this video. It’s short with a run time of 1:17)