In October 2018, AHS hosted “Desegregating Arlington Public School Sports” as part of our monthly series of free public events. Arlington’s African-American kids could attend white schools starting in 1959, but that was just the first step. Playing sports together was an even longer battle that played out in government, PTA meetings, and around dinner tables. The panel discussion featured men and women athletes representing Wakefield and Washington-Lee High Schools as well as a variety of sports. The panel was moderated by former Pittsburgh Steeler (and two-time Superbowl champ), Reggie Harrison.

AHS gratefully acknowledges and sincerely appreciates Carmela Hamm for organizing this event and all the panelists and former athletes in the audience who shared their experiences to make this such a valuable experience. AHS would also like to thank Coach Morris Levin for speaking at the event (via Skye). Finally, thank you Arlington Public Schools for recording and preserving this event.