In July 2015, The Arlington Historical Society hosted Martha Beggs Orth as she discussed the history of the oldest house in Arlington County.  Mrs. Orth was one of the team of people from the Arlington Historical Society who accepted the house from the donor, Marian Rhinehart Sellers, in 1975. Mrs. Orth along with a devoted team of volunteers that included Dean and Connie Allard, refurbished it to look as it would have in the 1750s when it was built by John Ball, a yeoman farmer. The team sought to preserve the house to honor the memory and contributions of the generations of Arlingtonians who lived in the house.

Mrs. Orth presented rarely seen photos of the Ball-Sellers House and recounted stories about the preservation of the house and the people who lived in it during its more than 270 years of Arlington history.  This presentation was held on July 16, 2015 at the Arlington County Main Library auditorium.  This video is produced by Arlington TV.